Step 1

Select the platform

Go to Click on the 'Sign up free' in the center of the page

Step 2

Enter the requested data

To create an account, enter your unique login and your email. Create a strong password that contains lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers and symbols. Check the box confirming your agreement with the terms of service, and click on the "Register" button

Step 3

Confirm your email and go to the site

The final stage of registration is the confirmation. To confirm the account, simply click on the link provided in the email sent to you

Step 4

Enter the information required to complete the transaction

Specify the desired amount of Bitcoin (1), the currency you will use (2), your city (3), and the method of payment (4). Check the accuracy of the data, then click on "Search"

Step 5

Find the best offer

Choose from the list the offer best suited to your request, taking into account the criteria mentioned. Click on the "Buy" button to the right of this offer

Step 6

Review the terms of the transaction

Carefully study the terms of the transaction (1) and make sure that they are completely suitable for you. Specify the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase (2), and then click on "Send a request for a deal" (3).

Step 7

Start a dialogue with the seller

Use the message box to get additional instructions from the seller. Their funds will be stored on until the transaction is completed. Then you can withdraw the purchased amount to your personal wallet